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Special Features

The Library treasures its past and equally embraces the future.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

  • Macquarie University will be the first University in Australia to install an ASRS in its Library. The ASRS consists of an environmentally controlled vault with metal bins storing the items. Robotic cranes will retrieve an item on request and deliver the item to the service desk for collection. The retrieval process takes just a few minutes and will help us increase the use of our print collection by making access more convenient.

    This innovative technology was adapted from the automotive industry's application for warehousing and retrieving small components. It allows higher density storage resulting in a significantly smaller footprint and a more affordable project cost. Around 80% of our physical collection will be stored in the ASRS and 20% on open access shelves. Find out more about ASRS.

The Lachlan Macquarie Room

  • The Lachlan Macquarie Room is a unique historical link between Macquarie University and its namesake, Lachlan Macquarie, the fifth British governor of New South Wales.

    Donated to the Library in 1966, the Lachlan Macquarie Room is a complete reconstruction of the original ground floor parlour room from Lachlan Macquarie's house on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. It includes all the original timber panelling, doors, windows, alcoves, shutters, and fireplace dating from the 1820s.

    In 2010 The Lachlan Macquarie Room will be relocated to a high profile position near the entrance to the new Library where its history, character and significance can be more readily appreciated.

What's the Latest?

We're getting ready for the new Library Moving the Library to a new building is a huge challenge. The new Library offers a fresh environment with great potential to re-shape the way we do things to better serve YOU. Read on ...[pdf 831kb]

Trees, Shrubs & Wildlife: What's happening?
Ecological assessment of the biodiversity, flora and fauna of the new Library site has been carried out by a number of specialists and no threatened habitats or species have been identified in this area.
Read on ...[pdf 1.4mb]

Your Library on the Move: tagging 1.4m items
As the new Library takes shape, Macquarie University Library is already ' on the move' gearing up for the massive task of ...Read on [pdf 782kb]


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Library Stories

Share your story !  As part of the Library 2010 project, Library Friends are collecting Library Stories to commemorate the 40 year history of the current building. If you are interested in sharing your recollections, reflections or remembrances of our Library contact us at

a picture of a girl in front of the library building 40 years ago

This pathway has now been replaced and renamed Wally’s Walk. The saplings on the edges of the pathway have grown to magisterial proportions. These impressive, leafy plane trees now mask the concrete architectural brutalism of that original design. A green canopy that shields the eye and the sky. Read on…