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Monday 1. July !
This Day Nicholas Delaney's Gang of Labourers commenced clearing and levelling that Piece of Ground in the Town of Sydney, adjoining the Government Domain called "Macquarie Place," preparatory to its' being enclosed by a Dwarf Stone Wall and Paling in the form of a Triangle.

Tuesday 2. July !!!
I this Day delivered my Dispatches for and from the Secry. of State to Mr. M. Robinson – and Joseph Cowgill, Clerks, to be entered into two separate Letter Books!

Friday 5. July 1816 !
The Schooner "John Palmer" sailed this day for Port Dalrymple, having Mr. Andrew Barclay (late Comr. of the Ship Providence Transport) on board as a Passenger; that Gentleman having obtained my Permission to become a Settler, and to go to reside as such and a merchant at the Settlement of Port Dalrymple. —

L. M.

Thursday 11. July !!! —
This day at 2,O'Clock in the afternoon I went through the ceremony of laying the Foundation Stone of the New Tower intended to be immediately erected at the South Head of Port Jackson (– and to be completed in Nine Months from this Date), to answer for the double purpose of a Light House, and Barrack for the Party of Soldiers quartered there. — I was accompanied on this occasion by Lt. Govr. Molle, Mr. Garling the Judge Advocate, Mr. Secry. Campbell, Capt. Gill Actg. Engineer, Lieut. Watts ADC., and Mr. Greenway the Acting Civil Architect; all of whom went on purpose along with me to see this Ceremony Performed. — I christened this intended erection "Macquarie-Tower" – and we drank success to it in a glass of Cherry Brandy!

L. M.

Friday 19. July 1816 !!! —
This morning were executed pursuant to their respective Sentences, Elizabeth Anderson and James Stock, for the horrid and atrocious murder of the husband of the former; and also Nicholas Knight for a High-way Robbery. — The Bodies of the two former, when dead, were given up to the Surgeons to be dissected and anatomized.

L. M.

Sunday 21. July 1816.
Anchored in Sydney Cove this forenoon the American Brig Ontario, Commanded by Capt. Nathl. Dorr, ladened with Sundry valuable goods from Boston – which She left in January last; having touched and stopt [sic] for some time at the Derwent, from whence She last came in three days days and a Half. —

L. M.

Early this morning, or late last Night, the Govt. new Brig "Elizabeth-Henrietta," commanded by Mr. Joseph Ross, sailed from Port Jackson, for Newcastle being her first Voyage!

L. M.

Monday 22. July 1816 !!! —
This forenoon anchored in Sydney Cove The Atlas Male Convict Transport Ship, Commanded by Capt. Walter Meriton, having 187 Male Convicts on board, guarded by a Detachmt. of the 89th. Regiment Commanded by Ensign Kenny of the same Corps, the Guard consisting of 2 Serjts., 2 Corporals, and 30 Privates. — The Atlas sailed from England on the 23d. of January last, touching at Madeira and at Rio de Janeiro – where she remained for Six weeks! — Thus being within one Day of Six Months from Portsmouth which was the last Port in England She sailed from. — Only one Convict died during the Voyage – and the rest have arrived in a very healthy state. Mr. Patrick Hill is the Surgeon and Supdt. of Convicts on board the Atlas Transport.

Mr. Wm. Howe Free Settler & Family, and Missionaries, have come out as Passengers in the Atlas. —

I have received Public Dispatches and a number of Private Letters by this ship. —

L. M.

Saturday 27. July 1816 !
I this day drew a Draft on the Police Fund in favor of Qr. Mr. Mc.Donald, for the sum of £30.18.½ Str., being the amount of sundry necessaries furnished by him for Serjt. Murphy and the Detachment of the 46th. Regt. employed for some time past at Cox's River in the New discovered Country, as a Donation from Government for their extra harrassing Duty in collecting the strayed Cattle belonging to the Crown at that Station.

I also drew a Draft in favor of Serjt. Murphy himself for Five Pounds Sterling, as a gift for his vigilance and attention in the performance of his Duty.

L. M.

Monday 29. July !!
This morning the Male Convicts recently arrived from England in the Ship Atlas, were Disembarked, and Inspected by myself in Person in the Jail Yard; – when they all expressed themselves well pleased with their Treatment during the Voyage from England Hither. — They were then distributed in the usual manner. —

L. M.

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 10 April 1816 - 1 July 1818..
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A773 pp.8-18. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #265-269].

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